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Screenshot websites as a service.

The images are getting cached for 1 minute and only the first load takes some time to process.

How to Use

Simply add the link of the website you want to screenshot to the end of

Example, to grab a screenshot of use:

Other examples + + + ?type=png + + ?fullPage=true + + ?fullPage=true + + ?type=jpeg&quality=75&fullPage=true + + ?height=1000&width=1000

Use cases

  • You could use this as a preview image for your website in og:image or twitter:image (tutorial here)
  • Grab a screenshot of a bug in production, send the link instead of an image
  • Constantly updated site showcasing for your portfolio
  • Hotlink images directly to blog posts



  • First install all dependencies. npm i
  • You can then run npm run api to play around with the API itself.
  • If you want to preview the landing page, you can go to frontend folder and npm i.
  • Lastly you can run npm run dev.


  • Go to frontend folder, install dependencies and then run npm run build.
  • Rename the out folder to public and then move it into the root directory.
  • Create an account at and then run npx now login.
  • Finally you can run the npx now command in terminal and it will begin to deploy.

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