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Pēteris Caune 09593c80d9
Fix a crash in the "createsuperuser" management command
1 day ago
snippets Improve "Show Usage Examples" dialog, "Email" tab 7 months ago
add_check_modal.html Fix the checks list to preserve filters when adding/updating checks 6 months ago
badges.html Upgrade to jQuery 3.6.0 1 year ago
channel_checks.html Remove unused class="update-timeout-title" 3 years ago
channels.html Add ntfy integration 2 months ago
clear_events_modal.html Implement the "Clear Events" function 4 months ago
copy_modal.html Add a "Create a Copy" function for cloning checks Fixes #288 3 years ago
cron_preview.html In the cron expression dialog, show a human-friendly version of the expression 3 years ago
dashboard.html Update the bundled dashboard to use api v2 1 month ago
details.html Drop clipboard.js dependency, use navigator.clipboard directly 1 month ago
details_downtimes.html Fix templates to use user's timezone when displaying dates 2 months ago
details_events.html Fix clicks on log events 5 months ago
docs_cron.html Tweak title 11 months ago
docs_nav_item.html Documentation in Markdown. 3 years ago
docs_search.html Implement documentation search 5 months ago
docs_single.html Add /api/v2/ which reports check's status slightly differently 1 month ago
event_summary.html Improve Gotify instructions and event description 8 months ago
filtering_rules_modal.html Add "Start Keyword" filtering for inbound emails 2 weeks ago
last_ping_cell.html Optimize CSS 11 months ago
log.html Add date filters in the Log page 5 months ago
log_row.html Fix run ID display in dark mode 3 months ago
log_status_text.html Read-only users cannot resume checks. 2 years ago
my_checks.html Improve layout in "My Checks" for checks with long ping URLs 1 month ago
my_checks_desktop.html Improve layout in "My Checks" for checks with long ping URLs 1 month ago
ping_details.html Added support for a "run id" parameter (#722) 3 months ago
ping_details_not_found.html In hc.front.views.ping_details, if a ping does not exist, return a friendly message 3 years ago
projects.html Add auto-refresh and running indicator in My Projects 6 months ago
remove_check_modal.html Add a "Create a Copy" function for cloning checks Fixes #288 3 years ago
show_usage_modal.html Improve "Show Usage Examples" dialog, "Email" tab 7 months ago
signal_captcha.html Fix the link to the Signal CAPTCHA form 3 months ago
signup_modal.html Fix html structure in the signup dialog 2 years ago
transfer_modal.html Fix check transfer between same account's projects when at check limit 2 weeks ago
unsubscribe_success.html {% site_name %} -> {{ site_name }} so we can use blocktrans tags for L10N 3 years ago
update_name_modal.html Improve copy in the "Change Schedule" dialog 1 year ago
update_timeout_modal.html Optimize <select name="tz"> initialization 7 months ago
verify_email_success.html Fix contrast issues 2 years ago